Social Club - Black Crane Kung Fu
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Social Club

While The Black Crane Kung Fu Schools endeavour to make special contributions to the physical development of its students and instructors, it also aims to provide many other experiences and opportunities for its members to develop socially and culturally. The Black Crane Social Club was formed to help contribute to the progress and growth of its member’s social and cultural development. The Social Club endeavours to promote many social activities throughout the year for its members, such as park events, paintball, bowling and games nights, BBQ’s, camps and plenty of other special activities. For the more culturally minded student we have film nights, dinner functions, Chinese New Year Celebrations, and Buddha’s Birthday Celebrations at South Bank Parklands.


The Black Crane Social Club is open to all students and instructors of the Black Crane Kung Fu Schools as well as their family and friends. The Social Club is absolutely free there are no joining or administration fees applied to its members; you only pay for the functions and activities you sign up for and these are offered at a reduced rate due to our group bookings. Some functions like park events and BBQ’s remain totally free. The Social Club offers a place for like minded people to come together to laugh, talk and share good times.


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