Jwun Wei - Black Crane Kung Fu
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Jwun Wei

Jwun Wei is the word for Sergeant at Arms. A Sergeant at Arms as described in a dictionary, is:

a member of any society whose responsibility it is to maintain organization, discipline and to ensure the rules and customs of the society are carried out in accordance with the instructions laid down by his superiors.

Unlike other martial arts schools where the Jwun Wei is the schools disciplinarian in the Black Crane Kung Fu Schools, the Jwun Wei’s position is one of teaching and guidance. Most students and instructors like the fact that our school and its teachings can be traced back over a thousand years and with this comes customs and traditions that have been passed down from teacher to teacher. The Jwun Wei is the custodian of these customs and traditions and they make sure that the customs and traditions of the school are carried out properly so that they to can be passed down unchanged. The customs and traditions in the Black Crane Kung Fu Schools teach us respect, honour, friendship and camaraderie; they give us a sense of belonging. A Jwun Wei is usually a senior student; they are friendly, helpful and always respectful. They are recognizable by the Jwun Wei badge they wear on their left sleeve of their training uniform.