School Rules - Black Crane Kung Fu
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School Rules

The kwoon, its instructors and senior students must be shown respect at all times, and honour given to elders.

It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, smoke, chew gum or use bad language in the kwoon or on the premises.

Ceremonial procedures and proper courtesy is to be adhered to by all.

All care must be taken with school equipment, the premises and the contents of the kwoon must not be damaged. Any damage will be paid for by the member responsible.

Should any student or instructor be found engaging in unprovoked fighting or damaging public property, then the said members training will be terminated and their grading cancelled.

Stealing from the kwoon or from fellow members will result in disciplinary action followed by expulsion from the school without honours.

Students must not talk while the instructor is speaking nor during the class.

Shoes must be worn during training, together with comfortable clothing. No part of the attire may be removed during the training class.

For safety reasons students must refrain from wearing rings, watches and other forms of jewelry whilst training.

Every assistance will be offered to students in financial hardship, however we do request that training fees be paid promptly.

Students are not permitted to purchase, obtain or study martial arts weaponry without the permission of the kwoon instructor.

No member is permitted to teach self-defence or any other training from the school without the permission of the kwoon instructor.

Students and instructors alike must not wear their school badge or gradings to any other school without first obtaining permission from the Sifu.

School uniforms are only to be worn directly to and from the kwoon and during the training class. Should you wish to engage in other activities before or after class, you must change from your school uniform into normal dress.

The minimum age limit of students accepted into the school is thirteen years, unless special permission is granted by the kwoon instructor.

Students and instructors, who let their training lapse for a period of three calendar months, will be subject to a regrading upon their return to bring them in line with the standard of the rest of the schools.

Members are only permitted to wear gradings officially awarded by the school; the Sifu has the authority to overrule any matters pertaining to a grading given out by instructors.

Students, instructors and others, who hold a position of authority within the schools, whether it is teaching, technical or advisory, and make no contact with the school for a period of three calendar months, will have their position of authority terminated.