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A Little History

The style taught within the Black Crane Kung Fu schools is a family system, based on traditional styles of Kung Fu that incorporate fighting principles and Chinese philosophy. Its history can be traced back over a thousand years. This system is extremely fast, agile, and very effective. It is very easy to learn as it follows free flowing natural body movements and requires no physical strength. This makes it ideal for both male and female practitioners of any age.


In 1984 Sifu Neal Gilding started up his own schools on the north side of Brisbane. This was the expressed wish of his late Teacher. The Schools standard of Martial Arts training throughout these years has been shown through its Students and Instructors numerous exhibitions and demonstrations.

Sifu Neal Gilding is a member of the Australian Kung Fu Wu Shu Federation

All instructors teaching in the Black Crane Kung Fu Schools

Attend advanced training classes where they undergo specialized training from the Sifu in:


Class Control

Class Safety

Teaching Technique

In addition to this they also have:

National Coaching Accreditation

Recognized by the Australian Sports Commission


Positive Notice Blue Card

For child related employment


Senior First Aid Certificate
Australian Kung Fu and Wushu member