Martial Arts Weapons - Black Crane Kung Fu
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Martial Arts Weapons

In the Black Crane Kung Fu Schools weapons such as the Spear, Staff, Saber and Sword hold an important link to the empty hand forms of our system. The weapons are practiced with the same quality of movement and intent as the empty hand forms, making good use of body mechanics and the systems stepping patterns. The techniques are direct, uncomplicated and efficient, utilising brisk, powerful and concise movements.


The schools training regime with weapons follows a structured path that runs parallel with the empty hand forms of our system. As the understanding and application of body mechanics and principles of movement increase, so does the effectiveness within the weapons systems.


This school has a five tier system of advancement to show the proficiency of the weapon being taught and learnt.

Basic level
Advanced level
Instructors level
Advanced Instructors level
Mastery of the Weapon


Very rarely in our system is a weapon taught from start through to completion. The weapon is usually taught to advanced level or sometimes even instructor’s level, and then a contending partner is introduced allowing the interplay between two weapons to take place. This reinforces the combativeness of the individual weapons, enhancing the quality of movement and the understanding of fighting principles and philosophies within both weapons.


In some cases the weapon being taught has a complimentary partner that enhances the host weapon adding its own techniques, fighting principles and philosophies. This weapon is often referred to as a bridging weapon as it joins and moulds both weapons into one. For example in our system the baton is the bridging weapon for walking cane, short staff, three sectional staff and nunchaku.


In all cases the training with weapons enhances the effectiveness and power of empty hand technique taught in this system.